The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center claims that the 75-million-year-old dinosaur bones they discovered in central Montana three years ago belong to a new, previously undiscovered species, according to ABC News. The new species still needs to be confirmed by outside experts and is currently nicknamed "Ava" due to similarities to the Avaceratops dinosaur.

"It's a really wild looking animal," said Anthony Maltese, curator at the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center. "It's got these pointy little horns on the cheeks of it. It's got spikes all around the frill that usually aren't usually found on these little, juvenile dinosaurs."

Despite its similarities to the Avaceratops, researchers are sure that the numerous differences between the two signify a new species, according to 9News.

Maltese and his researchers used casts of the bones to create a replica of what the dinosaur would look like put together, as the real bones will continue to be studied by scientists.

"We ended up with about 200 bones from this animal," said Maltese.

The "Ava" remains were used in the creation of a replica that was presented at an exhibit in Woodland Park, Colo. on Wednesday, according to U.S. News & Report.

"Big dinosaurs are cool, but when you have one that you could ride around on, like a pony ride at the zoo, people love it," Maltese said.