NASA will pay you $18,000; all you have to do is lay in bed for 70 days straight.

Participants are allowed to do any activity they want, as well as work from home, as long as they don't leave the bed, Forbes reported.

The purpose of the study is to figure out how microgravity will affect astronaut's bodies as they travel to far off extraterrestrial places, such as Mars.

"Subjects in the study look at it as a way to help," Doctor Roni Cromwell, senior scientist on the bed rest study said, Forbes reported. "In that what we eventually do will help astronauts maintain their health while in space."

The beds simulate what the conditions would be like for an astronaut going on a deep-space journey, they are tilted with the head slightly downward at a six-degree angle. This moves bodily fluids slightly higher in the body, which is what an astronaut's insides would look like during a flight mission.

"And by putting someone in bed for a long time, there is also atrophy of the muscle and atrophy of bone density," Cromwell said.

Only people who are in good physical shape will be invited to participate in the study, the Houston Chronicle reported.

"We don't want couch potatoes for this study," Cromwell said, the Chronicle reported.

Applicants must be non-smokers that are able to pass the Modified Air Force Class III Physical, which consists of "vision and hearing screenings, blood and urine work, an electrocardiogram, screening for drugs and alcohol, and infectious disease testing," the Chronicle reported.

"We want to make sure we select people who are mentally ready to spend 70 days in bed. Not everyone is comfortable with that. Not every type of person can tolerate an extended time in bed," says Dr. Cromwell told Forbes.

The applicants must also be between the ages of 24 and 55, the researchers would prefer male study subjects, the Chronicle reported.

The participants will be helping out more than just astronauts; they will actually be participating in seven studies, some of which benefit the general public.

Exercise will be required six days a week, study subjects will participate in high-intensity strength training and cycling, all while in bed.

The mock astronauts are encouraged to bring along activities that will occupy their time, and friends and family can visit whenever they want.

"Some people are really interested in the science return and love helping NASA," John Neigut with the Flight Analogs Project, based out of the Johnson Space Center, said, the Chronicle reported.  "We have numerous repeat requests for people to come back to the study."