Justin Timberlake was recently given a strange gift during an interview with a Brazilian television station.

The "Suit and Tie" singer sat down with entertainment reporter Sabrino Sato, a former reality television star known for her comical and dramatic antics, in an interview that clearly left him feeling uncomfortable.

Timberlake tried to keep a straight face as Sato, who was evidently excited to meet with the musician, asked questions while simultaneously giggling and nervously fixing her hair.

"You sing and dance like a black American," Sato started, to which Timberlake instantly responded by laughing.

"Sorry, sorry, go ahead," he apologized, chuckling with his fist in front of his mouth to stifle his laughter.

"Do you want to learn to samba like a black Brazilian?" she finished.

"I thought Brazilian - Brazilian is just Brazilian, though, right?" Timberlake said, then changed courses. "Would I like to learn to Samba? Yeah sure."

"I am the queen of Samba school," Sato confirmed, and demonstrated by stepping a few times.

But there was a more pressing offering to be given. Sato said she had "something special," to hand over to Timberlake, a gift in a black box with an enormous white ribbon.

"I brought you my ass, gift," Sato said.

Timberlake produced a mold of Sato's derriere from the box. A literal butt.

"This is your butt? Oh okay, well, it's-it's-it's great," Timberlake said, laughing. "You even autographed it."

Check out the video below, and behold the awkward, glorious humor it holds.