Season 5 of “The Good Wife” is sure to have a whole lot of tension and awkward moments—you know, with the whole we’re-secretly-leaving-your-firm thing.

In the promo, which can be seen on the Entertainment Weekly website, we get to see some of that tension—and a bit of explosion.

The video begins with Alicia’s admittance to Peter (Chris Noth) and Eli (Alan Cumming) about her decision to start a firm with Cary (Matt Czuchry). They seem a bit shocked but not crazed by any stretch of the word. However, judging by one other person’s actions in the promo—Peter and Eli may not have been the only people Alicia (Julianna Margulies) told.

In the middle of the promo Will strips Alicia’s desk of all of its belongings and says—pretty angrily I might add—“I hired you. I pushed for you.”

There’s no doubt that Will (Josh Charles) and Diane (Christine Baranski) will be pretty betrayed once they find out Alicia and Cary are leaving. If it’s any consolation to Lockhart & Gardner, the new firm won’t get off to a fast start.

In a recent interview with, Margulies said her character and Cary aren’t the spitting image of their former bosses.

“The biggest thing is going to be watching her realize that her and Cary [aren’t] Will and Diane,” Margulies said of Alicia “and she really wants to be Will and Diane.”

“She loves how they work and she respects them as lawyers.”

Season 5 of “The Good Wife” premieres Sunday, Sept. 29 at 8/7c on CBS.