Little girls typically dream of two things: being a princess and having a pony. So when this toddler's mom agreed to let her "help" feed a big, but gentle, horse, she had no idea what would transpire. The innocence of a baby, with the wisdom of a seasoned horse, the result, in this case, is magical.

The diaper-clad toddler is silly and giddy, as little girls just seem to be. She giggles and at one point, even reaches in to kiss the velvet soft muzzle that keeps lovingly nudging the little girl. To the toddler, the horse might as well been a magical unicorn, or a come-to-life My Little Pony. There is no fear, just an understanding.

When did the bond begin? Was it with the first tiny fistful of hay, as Pressroom VIP thinks? Or during that gentle kiss? Whatever started the magic, it isn't long before you see the twinkle in the eyes of both horse and child, as the horse lowers her head again, and the toddler reaches up and with both chubby arms. The little girl wraps her tiny arms around the horse's muzzle, sighs and gives the horse a hug. A toddler hug, innocent, sweet and with no expectations of anything but having a moment together with her new friend.

There was a moment of love and trust says The Dodo. Both souls have been touched and the imprint is everlasting. Watch the sweet moment play out in this video. You might remember this when you next see a horse, and wish the innocence and trust was there for you to reach out and hug, as well.