Paul Atkinson joins the list of game show contestants who possibly were robbed of a win over a silly mistake.

Atkinson, a "Wheel of Fortune" contestant, missed pronounced the words "Corner Curio Cabinet" because he was nervous and flustered, according to ABC News.

"I was nervous! I've got Pat freaking Sajak to my immediate right ... I've got lights and cameras in my face ... ," Atkinson said.

He pronounced the phrase "Corno Curro Cabinet," lost his chance at $1 million and walked away from the with $2,000 cash prize. Another contestant correctly pronounced the phrase.

"It just didn't come out the way you intended," Host Pat Sajak told ABC News about Atkinson's flub.

Atkinson told the news publication it was his "biggest nightmare."

"I knew I messed up," he said. "I knew something awesome could've happened, but I totally goofed it."

This isn't the first flub that has cost a game show contestant a win.

A Newtown, Conn. eigth-grader named Thomas Hurley III, 12, experienced the same frustration when he was the show "Jeopardy!".

Hurly answered Emancipation Proclamation signed by President Abraham Lincoln, the correct answer to the Final Jeopardy question. However, the misspelled the documents' name as "emanciptation," forcing judges to rule of his answer. 

The boy was also embarrassed by his error.

"I was pretty upset that I was cheated out of the final 'Jeopardy!' question," Hurley told The News-Times of Danbury. "It was just a spelling error."

The game show's producers released the following statement about Hurley's spelling flub:

"If 'Jeopardy!' were to give credit for an incorrect response (however minor), the show would effectively penalize the other players. We love presenting young people as contestants on our show and make every effort to be fair and consistent in their treatment."