Two Las Vegas officers were ambushed while in their police cruiser by an assailant wielding a semiautomatic handgun. The incident happened a little after noon Sunday as they were waiting at a traffic light after responding to a disturbance call at a 99 Cents Only store.

When the shooting started, the officers initially believed they had been rear-ended by another vehicle, explained Undersheriff Kevin McMahill, according to WND.

Upon realizing what was going on, the officers got out of the cruiser, chased down the suspect and arrested him.

McMahill noted the "remarkable restraint" the cops exhibited while pursuing and apprehending the suspect.

"These officers are going out there and being attacked while they are sitting in a police car, and we didn't fire a single shot back at him," he told NBC affiliate KSNV.

During the incident, one of the officers got shot in the hand. He was taken to a local hospital and treated for his injuries, and is reportedly now in good condition.

The suspect "didn't resist or put up a fight" after police caught up with him, claimed one witness, according to Fox News.

The police are now trying to figure out a motive for the seemingly random shooting.

McMahill attributed the success of this encounter to the way his department deploys officers, sending out two-officer units.

"We are certainly working on pins and needles," he said. "[That is] part of the reason we doubled them up. So we have two officers available immediately whenever an incident occurs."