An Arizona woman charged with killing her autistic son and her daughter asked a judge for the death penalty during a court appearance on Tuesday, ABC News reported.

When Marilyn Edge appeared via video link to court, Orange County Superior Court Judge Craig Robison asked her if she wanted her arraignment postponed to Oct. 25. She responded with

"Only if you promise me the death penalty." 

Robinson postponed the court arraignment. Edge, 42, is charged with poisoning her children, Faith and Jaelen, who were found dead on Saturday in a Santa Ana hotel room.

Edge was in the middle of a custody battle with her ex-husband, Mark Edge. She reportedly texted her former husband on Friday, two days after losing custody of her children in a Georgia court case, and told him she would bring the kids back to him on Sunday. 

After police notified the children's father of their death, he was taken to a local hospital for duress. 

"He's emotionally, extremely distressed," said Marian Weeks, the father's attorney. "He is getting better. His whole focus right now is on the children." 

If convicted, Marilyn Edge could face the death penalty. 

While she was driving on Saturday, she crashed into an electrical box near a shopping mall in Costa Mesa and refused to get out of the car when first responders arrived at the scene. She also tried to choke herself with an electrical cord as rescuers tried to help her out, according to Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna.

Police also said they discovered propane in Marilyn Edge's vehicle but would not comment further on any indication of suicide. She told investigators they could find her children's bodies at the hotel. 

During a bitter custody battle between the divorced couple, Weeks claims her client was not given the time he deserved to spend with his children.

"All he wanted was to spend time with his children," she said. "But Marilyn could not let that happen."