Cast members and crew from the hit show "Glee" took to Twitter to mourn the death of Jim Fuller, Wetpaint reports. Fuller was the assistant director on the show and had been a part of the team since the series first began.

He also worked on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "American Horror Story." The cause of death has not been released to the public but it seems like "Glee" members are definitely going to miss him.

According to Wetpaint, Fuller was given a very subtle shout out on "Glee" during the Season 4, Episode 14 show when Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) and Emma Pilsbury (Jayma Mays) where preparing for their wedding. As the couple was deciding where to sit people on their seating chart one of the seats had the name "Jim Fuller" written on it.

The death comes just two months after the tragic and sudden loss of "Glee" actor Cory Monteith. His death shocked everyone and left "Glee" executives and producers scrambling to figure out how to best address the absence of his character, Finn Hudson.

Creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that the third episode of the new season will directly deal with Finn's absence and Monteith's death. It was rumored that the character would die from a drug overdose but Murphy told Deadline that even though the idea was tossed around the show has decided to take another route.

"At one point, we were going to have his character die after an accidental drug overdose - that was something we had considered," he said. "But we have decided that we're not going to have him pass from that. Basically, what we're doing in the episode is we are not telling you yet, or maybe not at all, how that character died."

Murphy said that he wants to make sure the episode is a tribute to Monteith and his character. The first two episodes of the new season will be tributes to the Beatles and kicks off with the title "Love, Love, Love" on Sept. 26.