Marek Belka, Poland's central bank governor, said Wednesday that he believes the alleged Nazi train discovery in the country is a hoax, according to Reuters.

The train is thought to contain jewels and valuable items and lead to an influx of treasure hunters into the city of Walbrzych, located in southwest Poland, as previously reported by HNGN

"I think nobody (at the central bank) even thought to devote a second to this issue," said Belka. "This is some hoax."

The rumor began after two men informed police of its existence, along with Poland's Deputy Culture Minister Piotr Zuchowski claiming that he was almost certain of its existence.

"I am over 99 percent sure that such a train exists," he said, adding that he believed it contained "jewelry, works of art and archive documents."

Zuchowski claims that photographs taken using radar equipment showed a train underground that appeared to be armored and more than 100 meters long, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Whether the train is a hoax or not, Russia has not stood idle, claiming that they should be involved in the search for the train, according to The National Post. However, Poland finds no grounds for such claims.

"The analysis we have conducted with our lawyers quite clearly states that if the train is found, it will be owned by the State Treasury," Zuchowski said.