This could be the creepiest thing that has ever happened to the British town of Northampton.

Citizens of the East Midland region city have reported seeing a truly terrifying clown roaming around the area.

Since Friday (the 13) of this month, the Herald & Post wrote that the man, fully dressed in head-to-toe clown gear, complete with a white painted face and red Ronald McDonald-esque hair, was seen in two locations of the town.

But this isn't a sweet, child-entertainer type of clown. This guy paints enormous arched eyebrows and menacing black rings around his eyes, and it makes him look downright frightening. Those that have seen him have compared his appearance to Pennywise from the film adaptation of Stephen King's IT. The Independent reported that the man has been seen clutching a clown teddy tightly to himself. When he does show up in town, he "just stares at people."

The attention on this strange clown has grown so large that he's even got two imposters - reports from the Northampton Chronicle indicate that two teens dressed up as clowns and went to a neighbor's door, asking if they could paint her windowsills. They did not have a single bucket of paint or brushes with them.

Now, the clown himself has started Spot Northampton's Clown Facebook page, as well as a #northamptonclown hashtag.

On the Facebook page, the clown wrote that he didn't approach any resident at their home, and that "if what I am doing does get too much for people, I will have to stop." He insists he is a friendly clown.

People are still unsure as to why this man is dressing up as a clown and standing on the streets of Northampton. As one user wrote on Twitter, "Why??"

Just why.