The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium posted an adorable video last week of a two-year-old gorilla named Kamoli playing peek-a-boo with a toddler named Isaiah at the zoo, The Huffington Post reported.

The family came across the spirited ape as they entered the zoo's Congo Expedition exhibit. "He was just looking at the gorillas and we said to him 'Isaiah what do the gorillas do?' and he started pounding his chest," the toddler's mother, Sherry Chute, said.

The video, shot by Chute, shows the child screaming with glee and laughing uncontrollably as the two interacted with each other, running back and forth with Kamoli in his enclosure and 2 1/2-year-old Isaiah on the opposite side of the glass.

"It was a really fun interaction," Chute said, according to The Columbus Dispatch. "Isaiah is just like that. Anyone who knows him knows thats he's super playful."

Before leaving, the infant even said "Bye gorilla!" to his new friend as the two parted ways.