A brewery in Indianapolis has crafted beer specifically for man's best friend. Flat 12 Bierwerks launched its dog-friendly beer on Friday, Aug. 21 and its loyal patrons are reportedly wagging their tails over it, according to IndyStar.

To be clear, the beverage is non-alcoholic, and it's not exactly pleasant tasting for human tongues. The dog brew is made of meat bone and trimmings that are donated by a local meat shop called Smoking Goose. Carrots, potatoes and yeast add to the craft brew.

The whole concoction is simmered for three hours and then mashed with wort. The process is similar to brewing beer and the product is even stored inside a keg. The beer company primarily decided to brew the dog beer since many of its employees are dog-owners.

"I think every employee here owns a dog," said Valerie Green, Flat 12 Bierwerk's marketing director. "We are all very dog-friendly."

"We wanted to make something really good for them, but also a treat. Plus, it is safe - no alcohol and no carbonation," she added.

The launch of the canine craft beer was held at the Heaven and Hell Rescue Shelter, which was conducting its pet adoption drive, according to Hungry Forever.

Eventually, the dog brew will be sold at Smoking Goose. For every cup of doggie beer, which only costs $1, proceeds will go directly to the shelter.

The new dog beer is called 12 Paws, according to Newsplex.