Dogs were an important part of the American Civil War. Thousands of them fought and died in battles while others were lucky enough to survive and go home with their humans.

On the Facebook page of The Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Battlefields, one incredible story proves the significance of dogs during the Civil War. Apparently, they didn't just serve and protect, but they also provided comfort to soldiers. The brave dogs played an important role in history.

A particular piece of the Civil War that was written by an anonymous source in 1871 could bring tears to your eyes. The story tells how dogs sacrificed for their humans and how committed they were to their soldiers.

"After the battle, it fell to my duty to search a given district for any dead or wounded soldiers there might be left, and to bring relief. Near an old brick dwelling I discovered a soldier in gray who seemed to be dead. Lying by his side was a noble dog, with his head flat upon his master's neck. As I approached, the dog raised his eyes to me good-naturedly, and began wagging his tail; but he did not change his position. The fact that the animal did not growl, that he did not move, but, more than all, the intelligent, joyful expression of his face, convinced me that the man was only wounded, which proved to be the case. A bullet had pierced his throat, and faint from the loss of blood, he had fallen down where he lay. His dog had actually stopped the bleeding from the wound by laying his head across it! Whether this was casual or not, I cannot say. But the shaggy coat of the faithful creature was completely matted with his master's blood," an anonymous soldier a short article entitled "Reason and Instinct," posted on the Facebook page.

"After the battle…it fell to my duty to search a given district for any dead or wounded soldiers there might be left,...

Posted by Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Battlefields National Military Park on Friday, August 14, 2015