Most women will agree that looking hungover isn't the most flattering, but women in Asia are purposely wearing makeup that makes them look like they just had a wild and crazy night.

The Japanese calls this trend the "byojaku" or sickly, according to Women's Health Magazine, while the Koreans has a different term, "aegyo sal," referring to the bags under the eye, according to Bustle.

The makeup technique includes creating puffy eye bags and red-rimmed eyes using two-toned pens for shadows and highlights. Women go crazy over the look as they believe this makes them "look younger and more playful," according to the Bustle story. The trick is in putting on makeup that doesn't make one unappealing though. The goal of the byojaku or aegyo sal is to still have a fresh face "that (looks like it) has been slept on," according to Buzzfeed.

Ladies have been sharing photos of how they have achieved the look on their social media accounts and there are even tutorials on the technique on YouTube.

A photo posted by Mavis Guo (@mavis__guo) on Jul 28, 2015 at 10:12pm PDT

Famous beauty blogger, Michelle Phan, shares her own version of creating the hangover makeup technique. She calls this the "puffy eye" look.

The effort to recreate being hungover is a challenge to one's makeup skills. But it should be a lot easier for some people to just do the look naturally - by not concealing their eye bags and red-rimmed eyes after a wild night out.