Koalas are cute and look very cuddly. But aside from that, koalas are also known as less dynamic creatures since they would stay on trees, sleeping most of the time.

However, koalas actually move, too. Zoo staffer Elisa Evans of the San Diego Zoo posted a sequence of photos showing a koala jumping off of a stick. In the three images, the koala looks like it is flying, fighting, and hovering. Because of that, people had varied reactions to the photo and, and some even turned them into memes.

Memes of the koala doing other things are making rounds on the web. There are even hilarious captions done by BuzzFeed users. The following are a few examples:

Well, meme or not, the koala looks really cute and adorable. And yes, the photos are indeed proof that koalas move, too!

The photo has been shared nearly 2,000 times and was liked by over 11,500 people. Viewers were pleased, wherein nearly 500 of them expressed their opinions in the comment section.

Facebook User Ashley Jackson commented on the photo, saying, "Wow! I had no idea. Lol! Every time I see them at the San Diego Zoo they are napping. I did get the opportunity to see one scratching its ear and another one eating during nighttime zoo the other day. What a rare treat!"

Proof that koalas actually move. (pic by Elisa Evans)

Posted by San Diego Zoo on Friday, July 31, 2015