Sunday, David Jordan of U.S.-based Aerial Assault unveiled a drone designed to crack into wireless computer networks at close range — whether it's in a skyscraper or walled compounds.

At an infamous Def Con hacker conference in Las Vegas, Jordan relayed how the drone could be dispatched on missions to land atop buildings or hover outside walls and search for cracks within computer networks, according to Yahoo! News.

"There has never been this capability before," said Jordan at the conference.

The drone is equipped with software tools used to perform "penetration testing," a kind of test done by hackers or security professionals who seek vulnerabilities in computer networks. It then records that information and sends it back to the drone's operator along with precise GPS coordinates, according to International Business Times.

As with drones previously launched by hackers, the Aerial Assault model scans for unsecured wireless connections to networks, said Jordan, according to the Japan Times.

The unmanned aerial vehicle is now available for sale to anyone willing to pay $2,500 for a little aid in their hacking endeavors.