Having spent the last five years starring on TV Land’s highly-successful comedy “Hot in Cleveland,” actress Wendie Malick is enjoying the summer at home in California’s Santa Monica Mountains with her pets – especially her black Lab Miles.

Malick, who graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1972, spent five years working as a Wilhelmina fashion model in New York and Paris before becoming an accomplished actress. Even though she’s had numerous TV and movie roles, she’s most known as Judith Tupper Stone on “Dream On,” Nina Van Horn on “Just Shoot Me!” and diva Victoria Chase on “Hot in Cleveland.” She’s been nominated for Golden Globe and Emmy awards and even won several CableACE awards for her outstanding work. Malick has also performed onstage in various off-Broadway productions.

The 64-year-old, married to Richard Erickson since 1995, is also an avid animal rights advocate. As a member of the advisory board for the Humane Society of the United States, Malick has raised awareness by appearing in a tear-jerking commercial for the organization.

Currently, Malick is voicing the title character’s mother Beatrice on the Netflix animated series “BoJack Horseman,” and preparing for her return to network television as LAPD Captain Lindsay Cole in “Rush Hour.” The CBS series, based on the movie franchise starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, will premiere later in the 2015-2016 season.

Before heading back to work, Malick told HNGN all about her gorgeous dog Miles.

What is Miles’ story?
Miles was a sweet puppy with very large paws. It soon became apparent that he’d be too much dog for the older gentleman who had taken him. We had room for him to run and play, and Zoe, our other dog, needed a pal.

Does Miles have any of your personality traits?
I think people lean towards being canine or feline — Miles is pure dog. He’s affectionate, trusting and uncomplicated. He loves with every fiber of his being; I visit that plane with some regularity.

What are some of his favorite things?
When I stir in the morning, he knows a hike is imminent. Miles usually moans outside my bedroom door, then he goes ballistic, leaping and frolicking with excitement. Also, when either my car or my husband’s comes up the drive, he does a dance of joy.

Does he demand much of your attention?
Miles has to be physically connected whenever possible — he likes to lie on our feet, lean into us, etc.

What have you learned from having rescue pets, like Miles, in your life?
My family has been rescuing animals for as long as I can remember. It’s the most basic, humane decision we can make — to alleviate suffering, to offer love and warmth and shelter, to make a friend.

What do your pets mean to you?
They are my soul mates. They make me laugh when I’m blue, they comfort me. They remind me how wonderful it is to be in the moment and just embrace life for all it’s worth.

Where did you get your big heart for animals?
My parents. Growing up, my older sister was a collie named Bonnie. I can’t imagine life without animals. We share our home with three horses, two dogs and two miniature donkeys. We’re getting ready to adopt two wild horses. There are so many amazing animals out there waiting for us if we just open our hearts.

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