Swimsuit model Charlotte McKinney turns 22 today and we're celebrating with some of her hottest Instagram photos!

McKinney has social media, and her more than 600,000 followers, to thank for her quick success, but you probably know her for her popular Carl's Jr. Super Bowl commercial which aired earlier this year. McKinney likes to call herself "a curvier bombshell with big boobs," but many have named her "the next Kate Upton" with her similar blonde hair and figure. She's been featured in Esquire and was even one of the stars on this past season of "Dancing With The Stars."

Most recently, she was named GQ's girl of the summer and GQ even featured this awesome photo of her surrounded by confetti for its new comedy issue simply because of "the jacket she is wearing" and for "no other reason." But, considering it's her birthday, and there will hopefully be a party or two in her honor, we might as well start this off with her hottest looks with this somewhat birthday-themed photo!