Colleen Hoover released her first novel, "Slammed," in 2012 and since then she has gone on to have seven of her novels, and one novella, hit #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. Her novels fall under the category of New Adult and Young Adult and many people have referred to some of her gut-wrenching stories as "The Notebook" meets "Fifty Shades of Grey." She'll make you laugh and she'll make you cry. Her words have the ability to break your heart and then help you pick all the pieces right back up with their shocking twists and turns. You'll fall in love with the characters as they fall in love with each other in these extremely emotional and enjoyable stories.

Hoover, who is now 35, wrote her first novel "Slammed" with zero intentions of it even getting published. It received five stars by major book blogger Maryse Black and then Hoover turned the story into a best-selling trilogy. After that, she released several more best-selling novels, like "Hopeless," "Maybe Someday," "Ugly Love," and "Confess," which were all greatly received by her fans. People enjoyed "Ugly Love" so much that producers decided to turn it into a movie, which is still in pre-production and set to be released at some point next year, according to the teaser.

While Hoover wrote the incredible love story, she isn't a part of the film-making process at all, but has "absolute confidence that Hackybox Pictures will do the book justice" and is "excited to see how it plays out," she told HNGN. Hackybox Pictures had to start a campaign to raise money to start the production of the film.

"The campaign is over, but we have a long journey ahead in order to bring Colleen's vision to life," the site reads. "Over the course of the next several months, we will be posting to the page and updating fans and contributors on where we are in the filmmaking process. Making a movie is a long and tough endeavor, but we are committed to bringing 'Ugly Love' to the screen in a way that stays true to the book, and pleases fans around the world."

Cody Hackman, founder of the company, has chosen his good childhood friend Nick Bateman, who was once up for the part of Christian Grey, to play the lead role in "Ugly Love," and even Hoover believes he is the perfect choice for Miles Archer. Bateman posted a photo of himself holding up a copy of "Ugly Love," hinting that it could be a new project he was working on.

"I've never seen my notifications blow up that fast," Hoover said after the photo was posted. "My inbox is full of messages demanding to know if this picture is a joke."

Lucky for her fans, it's not!

Hoover also has a new novel, "November 9," coming out on November 10, and she reveals that she "hasn't been this excited about a release in a long time." Even her boss has admitted that it's her "favorite." Read what she has to say about her new book and the "Ugly Love" film in our exclusive interview with the best-selling author below!

HNGN: Out of all of your New York Times best sellers, what do you believe makes 'Ugly Love' a good choice for film adaption?

CH: I don't necessarily believe 'Ugly Love' is being adapted because it would make a better film than any of my other novels. Everything just fell into place with this one. The release did well, the readers were very active on social media and it caught the attention of Hackybox Pictures and Nick Bateman, who was in the market for a role similar to this. I'm looking forward to seeing how they translate the book to film. It's been a surreal experience so far.

HNGN: The teaser trailer that has been released seems just as intense as the book. What are your thoughts on the trailer and film production so far?

CH: I saw the trailer shortly before everyone else did, as I don't have any control over the film aspect of 'Ugly Love.' It was exciting to see this character I created brought to life. From conversations with the producers and seeing some of their past projects come to fruition, I have complete confidence that they'll do the book justice.

HNGN: Will you be playing any part in the production of the film?

CH: Probably not. I have a lot going on right now, deadlines to meet, tours scheduled. I live in Texas and from what I understand, a lot of the filming will more than likely take place in Canada.

HNGN: How do you feel about the choice of Cody Hackman as the producer and Nick Bateman as the lead male role? Will he be able to deliver the mysterious personality of Miles Archer?

CH: I'm very excited about both of these guys filling these roles. I met with Cody and Nick in Toronto last year and, despite them still being in their twenties, they are both very passionate about their work and successful at what they do. After speaking with Nick at length about the book and the character of Miles Archer, I have faith that he'll bring this character to life.

HNGN: Any ideas on who you think should play Tate Collins? And what about Rachel?

CH: That's a tough one! I've always been a fan of Nina Dobrev, but I'm trying not to put a face with a character yet.

HNGN: And what about Rachel?

CH: While I was writing 'Ugly Love,' I pictured Jane Levy as Rachel, but that may be because Jane Levy is one of my favorite actresses.

HNGN: People describe 'Ugly Love' as 'The Notebook' meets 'Fifty Shades of Grey.' Do you agree with this?

CH: Absolutely, and the first time I heard Nick say this, it's what sold me. It has the sexiness of 'Fifty Shades' and the heart of 'The Notebook.'

HNGN: Your books never fail to bring your readers to tears, in the most amazing and gut-wrenching way. Is this something fans can expect from the movie as well?

CH: Absolutely. The goal is to keep the same feel in the movie that readers felt through the story, so hopefully the emotions will transition successfully.

HNGN: Where did the idea for 'Ugly Love's' emotional and ugly, yet still beautiful, love story come from?

CH: I wanted to create this character who was a completely different person in his present than he was in the past. I felt in order to do that, the pivotal, life-changing moment needed to be heart-wrenching. I wanted the people who knew him in the present to be completely unaware of the type of person he was in the past. I actually wrote all of Miles's past point of view chapters before I started with the current chapters in the book, so it was interesting fitting his personality together from Tate's perspective to his.

HNGN: 'Hopeless' is such a fan favorite and your readers love seeing the similar style surprises and emotions in 'Ugly Love,' as well as the rest of your books. Where do you typically get your ideas for all of these stories from?

CH: Typically, I have no idea what I'm writing when I begin writing. I've tried outlining in the past, but it never works for me because the characters seem to take on lives of their own. My first step is creating the characters. I sometimes have pages and pages of notes about a characters personality before I even begin writing a book. They have to become real people who would make decisions that I normally wouldn't make so that the story develops around them and I'm not projecting my own personality onto them.

HNGN: Can we expect the same type of feelings from your new book 'November 9?' What is this story about?

CH: I haven't been this excited for a release in a long time. I love Fallon and Ben and this story was so much fun for me to write. I feel it has the sweetness that was in 'Slammed' and the drama that was in 'Hopeless.' So it's a great mix of happy/sad/angsty.

HNGN: With the book coming out in November and the movie being released in 2016, how does it feel to have so many exciting things going on in your life?

CH: It's very surreal. I only just began writing my first novel a little less than four years ago, so to see the changes in my life in these past four years is mind-blowing to me. I'm still getting used to hitting the New York Times with my first novel, not to mention everything that came after that. I don't think the rest of it has caught up yet.

HNGN: Fans have described your books as 'addicting' and often find themselves not able to recommend just one. How does it feel to have such a huge following and so many fans of not only one book, but all of your books as a whole?

CH: I think that's what I'm the most proud of, to see that my books have all been received with the same enthusiasm. When 'Slammed' did well, I assumed it was going to be a one-hit wonder. But the fact that I've been putting books out regularly and people keep reading them is exhilarating.

HNGN: The 'Slammed' series is definitely a fan-favorite. Do you ever think of turning any of your other books into series?

CH: I never set out to write a book and make it a series. I end all my books as stand-alones, but sometimes, like with 'Slammed,' I'll just get a wild hair to write a sequel. So who knows? I never say never.

HNGN: Can we expect more books and possibly film adaptations from you in the future?

CH: Of course! I would be writing whether my books sold or not because it's what I love to do. As far as books to film, that's really out of my control and all up to Hollywood.