Bobby Jindal thinks the mayors of sanctuary cities should be charged with a crime. The Louisiana governor and Republican presidential candidate spoke to Boston Herald Radio on Monday. "I would hold them as an accomplice...make them criminally culpable," said Jindal, according to Breitbart.

Not only does Jindal think mayors should be criminally charged, he says they ought to be held civilly liable as well. "So that families, victims' families could sue," Jindal said. This is in keeping with Jindal's "Partners In Crime Plan," unveiled in July. His plan names mayors as accessories to crime, for their role in shielding illegal aliens from the federal law, Breitbart reported.

Sanctuary cities protect illegal immigrants by ignoring Immigrations and Customs Enforcement detention requests. These cities, which pepper the U.S., came to attention lately because of a recent murder in San Francisco. Bobby Jindal has been outspoken in his condemnation of sanctuary cities. Currently, he is polling around one percent in the Republican primary, according to Business Insider.

Jindal isn't the only Republican Presidential candidate to take a stance on sanctuary cities. Jeb Bush has also spoken out against them. Not everyone agrees with Jindal's bill. "Come and get me. Come and get me, I'm right here," former mayor of Somerville, Mass., Joseph Curtatone said, according to the Huffington Post. He was responding to Jindal's remarks about arresting sanctuary city mayors.