Are you longing for the yellow suits and beakers you once grew to love before "Breaking Bad" ended? Well, look no further, because this coffee shop in Istanbul has everything you'll ever need to get your "Breaking Bad" fix, blue meth included. (Don't worry; it's just blue candy at this shop...nothing illegal, we promise.)

Deniz Kosan was so inspired by the show that he wanted to create a place with the same atmosphere as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman's meth labs, so that's exactly what he did with this coffee roaster, according to Contemporist. Walter's Coffee Roastery recently opened in Kadikoy, Istanbul and it is filled with staff members wearing yellow aprons and coveralls, just like they did on the show. As if the periodic table covering the wall and the entire science feel of the place wasn't enough, all the drinks are made and served in beakers.

Kosan said that the idea originally started between him and his cousin as a joke. "He looks like Walter White from the TV show and I thought it would be great to create a place where people can work and enjoy fresh roasted and brewed coffee," he told Buzzfeed. It was originally set to open in Brooklyn, N.Y., but the investor backed out, so he opened it in Turkey instead.

Nothing in the shop is copyrighted material, it is all just brilliantly inspired by the AMC show. They promise to give you caffeine "overdose" with their lattes in beakers. They also serve "blue meth" cupcakes, pancake breakfasts just like the ones Walter White would eat, "Breaking Bagels" and "Let's COOKie's."

It's been such a huge hit that he plans on expanding in Turkey next year and hopefully sometime soon in Europe and the United States.

Check out some awesome photos from the coffee shop below and see them all on their official Instagram page HERE!

 Walter's Iced Latte. Soğuk içiniz. ❄️ #walterscoffee

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