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Beyoncé Coney Island: Woman Brought to Tears After Being Stuck on Ferris Wheel So ‘Grown Woman’ Singer Could Shoot Music Video (PHOTOS)

By Minyvonne Burke | Aug 30, 2013 06:00 PM EDT

Beyonce on the set of hr new music video "XO." The singer shut down Coney Island to film the video. (Photo : Reuters )

Beyonce shut Coney Island down recently to shoot her new music video. Pictures surfaced of a smiling Beyonce as she and her crew hopped on rides as they shot the video. Hundreds of fans gathered around to get a glimpse of the Queen B but for one fan the entire experience was a nightmare.

According to the Daily Mail, a couple was stuck on the Coney Island Ferris Wheel for thirty minutes because Beyonce was getting her make-up redone. As her team was attending to the singer, the ride didn't move.

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When the woman was finally able to get off the Ferris Wheel she was in tears and visibly shaken. The incident doesn't appear to be Beyonce's fault, however. According to the Daily Mail, she didn't even know people were still on the ride.

Park operators were the ones who didn't make sure everyone was off the ride before stopping it. Besides the Ferris Wheel, the "Diva" singer also took a ride on the Cyclone, the wooden roller coaster, the Spook-a-Rama ghost train and the Eldorado bumper cars.

Several pictures and videos of Beyonce's surprise visit was posted on social media and according to several Twitter users she was filming the video for her upcoming single, "XO." According to reports, she has finally finished her new album and it has already been given a name but not a release date. 

There had been several rumors that the singer was having a hard time finishing the album and had scrapped more than 50 songs and was starting from the beginning, MTV reports.

Her rep, however, has denied the rumor saying that the album was never given a release date and everything was right on time. There's been several rumors that the album is expected to drop in November. 

Check out all the photos from Beyonce's music video here

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