Nazr Mohammed has been in the NBA since 1998 having played 17 seasons with eight different teams. Mohammed was a first round pick in the 1998 NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz but he never really turned into a great player. He isn't very good on offense but he is a good rebounder and a solid defender. Now Mohammed is at the point in his career where he is considering whether he should try to play an 18th season or if he should pursue a career off the court according to Nazr Mohammed's blog.

Mohammed has played his past three seasons with the Chicago Bulls and was never really given big minutes but his role there was to be a veteran presence and provide leadership for the younger guys. His most famous moment came when he shoved LeBron James in the 2013 Eastern Conference semifinals and was ejected. Bulls fans will forever admire Mohammed for that moment as the Bulls rivalry with James is well noted.

Mohammed said he has interest from some teams but didn't specify which teams had interest. Before Mohammed makes a decision he is putting himself through tough workouts to see if his body could possibly handle another 82 game season.

"I've even amped up my workouts to challenge myself to see how much basketball is left in me," wrote Mohammed.

Mohammed said that as of right now his body still feels great but his decision will be coming soon on his next move.

"I'm not giving myself a hard deadline. But over these next couple weeks I'm trying to really investigate the opportunities and roles that have presented themselves," wrote Mohammed.

If Mohammed does decide to come back for another season of basketball it more than likely will not be with the Bulls according to SB Nation. The Bulls drafted Bobby Portis in the first round of the NBA Draft and now no longer have a need for a big man as Portis is their fifth on the roster. Although they likely don't need him as a player they reportedly might have room for in the front office which is something Mohammed said he would consider doing if he retired.

Mohammed was never a star in the NBA but you have to admire his longevity. The fact that he is even considering playing an 18th season in the NBA is insane when you consider the average NBA career is less than five years. If he calls it quits he will have had a successful career and will likely find success in future endeavors.