So this is what Sir Patrick Stewart's been doing these days.

Among moving to Brooklyn neighborhood Park Slope and putting a ring on 35-year-old singer-songwriter Sunny Ozell's hand, it looks like the former Star Trek star has also been giving acting lessons.

In a video posted by Ozell, Stewart jokingly tells his fiance about the nuances of the quadruple take.

"It's a rarely used device in comedy," Stewart told Ozell, whose feet are propped up on his knees throughout the entire video. "But it has its place."

Stewart demonstrates the single, double and triple takes, then exhibits the elusive quadruple take, a comedic glint in his eye throughout.

"The first three were based on truth, on naturalism," the English actor said. "This, the quadruple take, is in a different category altogether. And you'll be glad to know that I don't have anything beyond the quadruple take."

Stewart and Ozell will be married in the United States, and it is rumored that fellow actor Ian McKellen will perform the ceremony.

Check out the display of humor and the two entertainers' unadulterated love in the video below.