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Chris Brown Twitter Rant: ‘Fine China’ Singer Accuses Beyoncé of Stealing Dance Moves, Takes Aim at Jay Z For Not Approving Collab (VIDEO)

Chris Brown sends out a tweet about Beyonce stealing his dance moves, takes a shot at Jay Z but quickly deletes it.

By Minyvonne Burke | Aug 24, 2013 12:56 PM EDT

Chris Brown
Chris Brown was reportedly kicked out of rehab for having a threesome with two female patients. (Photo : Instagram)

Chris Brown isn't holding back on Twitter. He used the social networking site to call out the "racist DA" and rant about the law. Now he is using it to come after Beyoncé and Jay Z.

It's no secret the "Fine China" singer and Jay Z don't get along following the 2009 domestic violence incident with then-girlfriend Rihanna but he didn't hesitate to let his Twitter followers know that he wants to collaborate with Beyonce on a song.

In his tweet, that has since been deleted, Brown posted a Vine of the "Diva" singer dancing at one of her concerts with the caption "Looks familiar. Beyonce, U might as well go ahead and do this collab."

His fans were thrilled to know he wanted to team up with the singer but others felt like he was taking a jab at the Queen B and accused her of stealing his dance moves. He then threw a jab at her husband.

"JAY might have a problem wit it but this Piru," he continued.

Piru is the name of a street in Compton but also Piru Steet Family is the largest street gang in Los Angeles and is a subset of the Bloods, TMZ reports. This isn't the first time Brown has been associated with Piru. It had been speculated in the past that he had a connection to the gang but he has denied the rumors.

According to the celebrity website, the "They Don't Know" singer was recently in Hawaii and spray painted the name on a building. Brown reportedly had a guard take him and his entourage around Hawaii to legally spray paint on things. Right next to a picture of a cop car with the words "F**K POLICE" was the saying "Fruits Piru" which is speculated to be a reference to the Fruit Piru gang.

A couple days ago Brown retweeted a link to TMZ's article about him being an alleged gang member with the caption "this bullshit 'F**K BLOOD."

Check out the Vine Chris Brown tweeted below.

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