Plenty of tourists have been asking for it and now they got it: free Wi-Fi has been made available on Mount Fuji as of Friday, Asia and Japan Watch reported.

With this new development, avid mountain climbers with smartphone cameras, selfie sticks and social media accounts can now post their photos and videos of them successfully reaching the summit and show it to the world as it happens. They will also end up promoting Japan as a result of it.

Tourists will be provided with fliers in English, Chinese and Korean, which will be allocated in trailheads, where they will be given a user ID and password and enter these to access the Wi-Fi, according to The Huffington Post

Japan is putting up free wireless Internet connection at one of it's most renowned tourist destinations as a way to further increase the number of yearly visitors to 20 million before the 2020 Olympics, which will take place in the capital city of Tokyo, according to Quartz.