A pregnant woman from Kirkby, Merseyside is in a state of shock, claiming to have seen the face of her dead mother in a scan of her unborn baby.

Rebecca Melia, 30, lost the chance to tell her mother, Sharon, 49, that she was pregnant after Sharon died from a long battle with kidney cancer, according to the Daily Mail.

The family always felt that Sharon was watching over them, even after her death. Now, Melia is even more sure of that fact after seeing what she believes is an image of her mothers face in an ultrasound scan of her unborn child, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Melia went for a scan on June 18 and started to worry when the technician was taking a long time, leading her to believe that there was something wrong with the fetus of her unborn child, The Blaze reported.

"I went for a scan and they had me there for a long time and I could tell they had seen something on the scan," she said. "I was convinced it was something wrong with my boy. Not even thinking what was to come, the lady gave me the picture and she said 'I think you might like this one' with a smile on her face. And the nurse did know my mum had passed away."

After looking carefully at the scan, Melia said she saw her mother's face at the top of the photograph.

"I couldn't believe it, I was shocked, happy and overwhelmed all at the same time," Melia said. "My mum's face, which I longed to see, was there as clear as day on my scan."