Wang Kayui, from the village of Yunnan in China, thought he bought two dogs two years ago from a Vietnamese man, not knowing that these were actually bears, Xinhua News Agency reported.

Kayui treated the pets as dogs, bathing and grooming them every day, and was even proud that they had healthy appetites. But when the pets grew up, their looks changed and they weighed 100 pounds each. Kayui was also surprised when they started hunting for chickens.

After reading some leaflets from the local Public Security Bureau on endangered wild animals, he realized that his "puppies" were actually Category 2 protected endangered animals, reported People's Daily Online.

It was the family's decision to give the two bears to the local Forest Public Security Bureau and they were taken in by the Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Centre on June 30.

According to Feng Lingui of the animal rescue center, the animals are two Asian black bears, a male and a female, and both are in good health. The cubs aren't safe for home keeping because they might attack humans.

Asian black bears are listed as "vulnerable" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources which is the result of deforestation and people hunting them for their body parts.