Solar Impulse 2 has landed in Hawaii after five days of air travel across the Pacific from Japan Nagoya Airport. The solar powered plane travelled 7,200km for 118 hours without using a single drop of fuel, with pilot Andre Borschberg as the only man in the aircraft throughout the duration of the flight.

Borschberg brought the vehicle gently down on to the runway of Kalaeloa Airport at 05:55 local time (15:55 GMT; 16:55 BST), BBC News reports.

This leg of the plane's trip set a record for the world's longest nonstop solo flight in terms of time. It also was the longest flight in time and distance (more than 8,200 kilometers, or 5,100 miles) for a plane run only on solar power, organizers said, according to CNN News.

Borschberg, was unable to stand and exit the plane for another 50 minutes after landing. After five days of being off his feet, someone came up to give him a leg massage first before he finally stepped onto a platform.

The "Round-The-World" flight started from Abu Dhabi, on March 9. The route included stop-overs in Oman, India, Myanmar and China. After trying to cross the Pacific Ocean via Hawaii, Si2 flew across the U.S. and over the Atlantic Ocean, heading back to Abu Dhabi, the Solar Impulse website states.

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