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Castle Season 6 Spoilers: 'Chuck' Star Coming to Show; Ryan and Esposito's Relationship On the Rocks

By Robert Christie r.christie@hngn.com | Aug 22, 2013 03:35 AM EDT

Stars of ABC's "Castle", Nathan Fillion plays author Rick Castle (right) and Stana Katic plays Det. Kate Beckett (left)
Season 6 of “Castle” premieres Sept. 23 on ABC. (Photo : Castle/Facebook)

Last season on “Castle” we were left with Rick’s proposal to Beckett as she is deciding whether or not to head to D.C. for the FBI job.

Despite the fact many fans think this was a ploy by Castle, show creator Andrew W. Marlowe said that isn’t the case.

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“He asked his question out of emotion and passion and the circumstances of the moment," Marlowe explained according to TVGuide.com. "He was challenged to think about what he really wanted in life. His preferred version is that he has this woman in his life.”

For those of you tired of the Beckett/Castle spoilers, there has also been some news on storylines not involving the couple.

According to EOnline.com, Episode 5 of Season 6 will be about time travelyes time travel. The case will be about a man who is sure he hails from the future.

Entertainment Weekly reports the role of the “time traveler” will be played by “Chuck” star Joshua Gomez. At some point Gomez will be a suspect. Gomez played the role of Morgan on the NBC show. 

According to TVGuide.com there is also some info on Detective Ryan (Seamus Dever) as he prepares to become a father.

"You're going to see a lot of choices that Ryan is going to make [about] how he feels about being a cop at this point," Dever told the website. "We're going to see him be a little uncomfortable with being in the line of fire and being in danger's way. It's also going to affect his relationship with Esposito."

"They're no longer single dudes," Dever added discussing his character’s relationship with his partner. "Ryan is like, 'I have to go home and see the wife. That's the way it is.'"

Season 6 of “Castle” premieres Sept. 23 on ABC.

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