Although Teresa Giudice has not been one to embrace tact in the past, the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star took smack-talking to the next level when she said that her husband, Joe, will "take the fall" on her 39-charge indictment.

According to a new report received by, Giudice is reportedly certain that her multi-million dollar fortune and freedom will remain untouched, and that she "doesn't give a f-k," because her husband will bear the brunt of her legal issues.

"She knew the indictment was coming down," an anonymous source told RadarOnline. "She knew it before the show even started, she just didn't know when it would happen...Teresa doesn't think she's going to go to jail. Joe is going to take the fall for everything and Teresa knows it."

The husband and wife are currently on trial for allegedly participating in a whole host of felonies, including mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, falsifying statements on loan applications and bankruptcy fraud.

Apparently, 41-year-old Teresa lied on a loan application in 2009 about her income claim. Eight years prior, she allegedly made up that she worked for a company called Modern Era Investment Corp, where she claimed she made $3,750 a month.

But the prosecution contended that Giudice was, in fact, unemployed from January 2001 to 2008.

Even after RHONJ shoved Giudice right into the spotlight, gaining her a six figure income and even more cash off endorsements, cookbooks, and appearances, Teresa and Joe still swindled the system by hiding their hefty earnings when they filed for bankruptcy at the end of the first season.

But all the drama hasn't stopped Teresa from living her lush life-on Thursday night, Teresa was seen in New York putting down a $500,000 bond.