A mother-of-two's life was saved by her enormus 38JJ breasts after they cushioned the impact when she was hit by an out of control car.

Sarah Foster had been driving to a christening with children Steven, 13, and Megan, 8, and wife Marie when they stopped so she could make a quick phone call to her mother and have a quick smoke, reports Sunday World.

The curvy 5'3" woman says she heard a loud bang as a Mini Cooper crashed into the central barrier at 80mph and veered toward her.

What would have been a fatal accident turned out to be relatively minor. She ended up face down on the inside lane, but the car wasn't so lucky. The Mini Cooper hit a tree while the windshield was completely smashed, according to the Daily Mail.

"My boobs hit the windscreen so hard it smashed," she told Paul Sims at The Sun. "They saved my life."

All Sarah remembers of the incident is seeing the airbags in the car inflating and the pain of the impact in its immediate aftermath. She was told she bounced off the car like a balloon.

Paramedics were amazed to discover Sarah had suffered just cuts, bruising and knee ligament damage.

In a lucky twist of fate, Sarah revealed she had actually considered breast reduction surgery prior to the crash because they had left her with neck and back pain.

"The paramedic who treated me on the scene later told me I was really lucky to be alive and that I should be grateful for my airbags. That was the word she used."