Stacy and David Foster bought a $30 Supreme Millions lottery ticket Saturday on Route 6 in Eastham, Mass., reported the Boston Globe. The couple from Cape Cod, who just got married May 1, have now claimed the first $15 million grand prize in the lottery's newest instant game. It is the largest award offered on a state lottery instant scratch and win ticket.

When they first went to the store, the Fosters asked for one of the $30 tickets at a machine behind a different register, but the clerk told them the register was closed, forcing them to choose a different ticket behind an active register. Luckily for them, this ticket ended up being the winning one.

The couple claimed their prize on Monday at the lottery's Braintree headquarters. They took home a whopping one time payment of $9,750,000 after taxes, according to Portland Press Herald. They plan on putting the money towards a house and a truck and to pay off student loans. The store will receive a $50,000 bonus for selling the ticket.

The game launched April 28 and nearly 3 million tickets have been sold statewide since. There are still three other $15 million prizes remaining, as well as 61 $1 million prizes.