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Jennifer Aniston and the Totally Awkward BBC Interview: 'Friends' Actress Keeps Her Cool Amid Uncomfortable Questions (VIDEO)

By Maxine Wally | Aug 16, 2013 04:54 PM EDT

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston recently admitted to going through an 'awkward phase' in her 30s. (Photo : Reuters )

Jennifer Aniston has proved that she can maneuver her way through an uncomfortable interview.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1's Chris Stark for the "Scott Mills Show," the 44-year-old actress managed to maintain her cool while simultaneously injecting humor into what is now a viral and incredibly awkward sit-down.

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Aniston thought she was going to talk about her new comedy "We're the Millers" when she first entered the room. Little did she know, the conversation would take a sharp turn.

Whether or not Stark was being facetious with his questions is unclear, but one thing is for sure-he's out to make Aniston squirm. He started by talking to the "Friends" star about an evening when he and his friends ate steak at a strip club in Prague. He then told Aniston that her name is an anagram for "finer not in jeans," to which the actress replied, "I didn't know that! It's an anagram? That's fantastic."

"It's like a premonition for your role," Stark said, referring to her character in "We're the Millers."

"There you go!" she sputtered back. "Finer not in jeans. Best in capri khakis."

Stark also told Aniston he felt like a "pig in a wig," asked her what she had for lunch, and called her "one of the hottest women in the world" as he dug himself deeper into a hole of discomfort.

But Aniston truly took it all in stride-even when the interviewer asked her if she had a list of "normal people" she'd like to sleep with.

"No," she said frankly, giggling slightly.

Catch the entire interview below.

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