A team of researchers interested in the way people user their mobile devices, conducted a study that pinpoints what kind of person or category your persona falls under based on your use of either an iPhone or an iPad.

Mobile Advertising Company Flurry Analytics released data from a study to the public on Friday that calculates the user of the two iOS devices across 35 different categories, as well as, how those devices are used during a normal day.

The study found that the iPhone is the more popular device among new mothers, "value shoppers," "those a part of the "hip urban lifestyle" and single people. Meanwhile, the iPad is the more popular item amongst pet owners, small business owners and mothers. The numbers were based on app usage by individuals, it also allowed people to fall into more than one category. Flurry is said to currently be tracking 297 million iOS devices.

According to CNET, developers use Flurry to track activity within their applications on both iOS and Android devices. Flurry then takes it upon itself to track some of that activity to spot trends. This research was based on a random sampling of 44,295 users during May of this year.

Other findings from the study note that iPad users spend 42 percent more time in apps than iPhone users each month. In addition, the iPad receives heavier use in the evenings from six to 11 p.m., the iPads are used during this time so much so that it overshadows iPhone use almost every night around this time.

On the flip side of that coin, the study finds that iPhone users start to use their apps more heavily from 2-4 a.m., which the company attributes to "hip urban lifestylers finding their way home from a late night."

Check out the full list of personas based on iPad and iPhone use below. Where do you land?

UPDATE: This article originally labeled "Flurry" as a research firm when it is, in fact, a mobile advertising company.