Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig announced the introduction of a new replays system for 2014 Thursday*, according to USA TODAY Sports.

Here are the new rules for replay:

--Any play is subject to review

--Each team can acquire up to three challenges

--Managers are allowed one challenge through the first six inning of the game

--At the start of the seventh inning team get two additional challenges.

--If a team uses a challenges and the play is overturned, they get to hold on to that challenge.

--If a manager uses up all of his challenges the only play that is reviewable is a homerun, just as it is now.

Another rule surrounding the new replay procedures is who will have the last say on a reviewed play. The crew chief will not have the final say. Instead the last word will fall with the MLB’s central MLBAM offices in New York. The office will be equipped with cameras where they can reexamine the play. In addition to replay cameras the office will have umpires who can use their professional experience to review the play.

The entire replay operation could cost as much as $40 million.

The proposal was presented to the owners at the quarterly Owners Meetings by Atlanta Braves GM John Schuerholz, advisor Tony La Russa and MLB vice president Joe Torre. Selig said many the ML B’s 30 owners were pleased with the terms of the proposal.

"It's a historic day,'' the commissioner said.

Update: *According to the Associated Press, the change has yet to be approved. For the new system to be implemented, 75 percent of the owners must agree to the changes. The players' association and umpires must also agree.