An Iowa mother gave birth to her own grandchildren in the ultimate act of love for her daughter.

Susie Kozisek,53, was a gestational carrier for her daughter, Ashley Larkin. Kozisek gave birth to Larkin's twin girls, Hallee and Hadlee. This is the second pregnancy Kozisek carried for her daughter, after giving birth to Larkin's oldest daughter Harper in 2011.

"I heard about the procedure on a talk show and decided to check out the possibility of me doing this for them so they could have kids of their own if they wanted," Kozisek told ABC News.

A gestational carrier is some who carries a pregnancy for another woman who has not been able to do so herself, according to ABC News. The difference between a surrogate and gestational carrier is the woman does not donate her eggs. The volunteer undergoes in vitro fertilization using the biological parents' embryo.

Kozisek underwent the procedure in November 2012 at the Mayo Clinic. Larkin's embryo's were stored at the clinic since October 2010. She is thankful for her mother undergoing the process for her, and considers her children to be a miracle.

Larkin's mother kept healthy during the pregnancies, and was able to continuing working as a legal secretary, according to ABC News.

"I've always been close with my mom even before this so that hasn't changed and I'm grateful she will have such a special bond with her grandkids," Larkin said.

Dr. Jani Jensen was the Mayo Clinic fertility doctor who performed the in vitro fertilizations, told ABC News Larkin's situation was uncommon. However, Kozisek was a great candidate because she was healthy and had previously carried children.

"They are a testament to the profound love a mother can have for her child," Jensen said. "It is an incredible thing this mother did so her daughter could have children."