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Britney Spears' Financial History Revealed: X Factor Star Spends Serious Cash at McDonalds, Starbucks

By Maxine Wally | Aug 14, 2013 05:33 PM EDT

Britney Spears
Britney Spears and's "Scream and Shout" Music Video Premieres On "X-Factor". (Photo : Reuters)

Britney Spears is spending just shy of what she's making-and what she's blowing cash on might surprise you.

Financial records obtained by TMZ show that the star threw down around $7 million of her $14 million conservatorship in 2012, not on designer labels and regal estates-but instead, at McDonald's, El Pollo Loco and discount clothing stores.

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Guess a few little purchases can go a long way!

Not only did Spears spend inordinate amounts of cash at her favorite fast food spots, (she notoriously has a penchant for Starbucks and In-N-Out,) she also put down $500 to get her nails done, along with $3,400 on Christmas lights, TMZ reported.

The documents indicate that Britney Spears shelled out $6.8 million total last year at places like Coffee Bean and Wetzel's Pretzels.

Looks like she spent $50 at Roman's one afternoon, $32 at Blockbuster another day, and around $53 at iHop yet another day. She also made multiple trips to Subway on the same day.

The 31-year-old X Factor judge currently has her father, Jamie, as the conservator of her financial dealings. He has worked her legal affairs for nearly five years, following a period in 2007 when Spears almost lost custody of her two children and was caught on camera with a shaved head, wielding an umbrella as a weapon toward paparazzi.

The singer reportedly made $68 million during her last tour, along with a $15 million paycheck she got from the folks over at X Factor. She still gets benefits from her song "I've Just Begun," featured in the movie Bridesmaids and has received $2,243.64 from reruns of How I Met Your Mother, where she made a guest appearance five years ago. 

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