The immensely popular "Duck Dynasty" returns to A&E for a fourth season on Wednesday night when the head of the Robertson clan Phil renews his vows with Miss Kay, according to Yahoo.

Season four was delayed for quite some time due to a contract dispute between the Robertson family and the network. After months of negotiating the Robertsons will get a pretty heft raise; the nine adults and 11 kids will be dividing up $200,000 per episode of "Duck Dynasty." The deal also renewed the show for additional season, according to Fox News.

The season three finale of "Duck Dynasty" was the most watched program in the history of A&E so it's no surprise that cooler heads eventually prevailed in order to bring the show back for season four and beyond.

A report by the Washington Examiner says that Willie Robertson might be leaving the duck call business for Congress if some high ranking Republicans have their way. Rep. Rodney Alexander, R-La., is retiring from Congress and the seat he is giving up happens to be in the same district the reality star resides in.

"My boys want to run Willie Robertson for the seat," an unnamed GOP source told the Washington Examiner.

A different unnamed GOP official sees no reason why Robertson would be interested in running for the seat.

"I think it is a D.C. thing right now," the official told the Washington Examiner. "Why would a multi-millionaire, TV sensation give up that work to run for a congressional seat?"

As it turns out Robertson has no intentions of running for Congress. While the conservative Christian with great name recognition would probably be the kind of candidate the Republican Party would love to see in Congress Robertson appeared on Fox News and refuted the rumors, according to the New York Daily News.

"I heard today I was doing that," Robertson said when asked about the rumors on "The Five." "I'm kind of busy right now."

Season four of "Duck Dynasty" premieres at 10/9 central Wednesday night as the family celebrates a renewing of vows and introduces a fourth Robertson brother without the signature beard, Alan, according to Yahoo.