The royal baby news is a hot topic. Everyone is talking about Kate Middleton and baby Prince George. Even three weeks after the birth the world can't get enough of the famous family.

Now, all eyes all glued on Twitter after it was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will reveal the first official photos of Prince George on Kensington Palace's Twitter page. This is a very unique and non-traditional way for the new mom to release photos of the future king of England. Not only is Middleton choosing to reveal the pictures on social media, she is also forgoing another tradition and will be using photos that her family has shot of the baby, the Mirror reports.

According to the British newspaper, usually photos of royal babies are taken by a celebrity photographer but instead Middleton will go through pictures she has taken as shots from her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton and her sister Pippa.

The photos are expected to be revealed as early as next week. Even though the world has already got a glimpse of the baby as she left the hospital, these pictures will be the first photos since she has returned home.

"One of the options they are looking at is releasing a couple of family photos they have taken themselves," a Palace aide told the Mirror.

Another source said that Middleton wants the first official photos of her son to be "natural and in a relaxed environment."

Some are saying that the photos will more than likely shatter records on Twitter. According to I4U News, at the moment President Obama holds the record for the highest amount of retweets for his photo right after he was elected to a second term. That photo has been retweeted more than 500,000 times but might only hold that title for a couple more days.

Not only are the pictures expected to shatter Twitter records but also cause a huge increase in magazine sales as well. According to the New York Times, the July 22 birth of the royal baby brought millions of readers to some publications.

People magazine, which was the first to publish the royal baby on the cover, was expected to sell 1.4 million copies. Larry Hackett, their managing editor said the cover with Prince George was the magazine's highest selling cover of the year.

"There's definitely been a royal baby boom," Mike Steele, editor-in-chief at US Weekly told the New York Times. "Our readers love Will and Kate. They're unique among public figures because they're 100 percent likeable."

He added that the day the Duchess left the hospital experienced the most traffic in its history. Even celebrity websites profited from the little baby. Hollywood Life, which is run by former US Weekly chief Bonnie Fuller, attracted 4.6 million page views in July alone, the newspaper reports.

"The moment that they announced the birth, traffic soared and didn't stop," Fuller said.