China Starts 200-Day Outer Space Isolation Experiment; Four Students Live Solely On Resources They Have On Moon Or Mars

By Carie P. | Jul 10, 2017 09:57 AM EDT

China already started its 200-day isolation simulation of the life in outer space when four Beijing students began their isolation experiment called Lunar Palace 365. Because of this latest report, this implied that the U.S. does not have the monopoly when it comes to the simulations of what it is to live on another planet.

The said four students from Beijing were asked to live solely on the resources and things which they can find on the Moon or on Mars. This means that they have to make use of the available resources for them to still sustain life despite a different and new environment.

According to Engadget, most of the resources and things they have to apply while doing the isolation experiment included recycling urine to produce potable and drinking water and generating life-giving oxygen from plants. In the said experiment conducted by China, these students needed to make the most of the limited resources and supplies.

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Aside from the physical tests and challenges, the four students from Beijing also have to deal with psychological challenges. Therefore, apart from generating oxygen in order to survive, they have to attend to daily tasks in order for them to be motivated all the time. With this, they have to live in a tiny space and their communication from their family and friends will be temporarily cut perhaps for a year.

This space simulation initiated by China also sought to show how the students will react to the said challenges and tests. The students have to remember that they have to live there without sunlight for an extended period of time. Therefore, here is a possibility that their physical and mental health will also be affected.

However, regarding the possibility of finding life on Mars, it was just reported previously that it may not be already possible to find life on the Red Planet as suggested by one study. The reason which was discussed in the said research was due to a certain compound which has the ability to kill life form bacteria.

With this latest report, this isolation and outer space simulation can be essential and crucial for China. It was reported before that the country was interested in catching up to the space programs of Russia and the United States. Perhaps, China is getting ready to explore the Solar System.

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