High Maternal Sugar Intake During Pregnancy Increases Risk Of Allergic Asthma In Children

By Carie P. | Jul 06, 2017 05:41 PM EDT

A latest study just proved that high sugar intake during pregnancy will lead to having children with allergy or allergic asthma. The said research was led b the Queen Mary University of London which involved almost 9,000 mother-child pairs.

Some studies were conducted before regarding the relation of the high-consumption of sugar-containing rinks and asthma in children. But with regards to the link between maternal sugar intake during pregnancy and allergy and asthma in children, only few researchers have been made.

According to Telegraph, the researchers of the said study made use of data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children which is a prominent cohort study. The said world-leading cohort study also recruited mothers who became pregnant during the 1990s. These mothers also have been making follow up to their children even since.

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This study was published in the European Respiratory Journal and the researchers first studied the relations between allergies to children and maternal consumption of free sugars. They also conducted tests to the children at even years of age like positive skin tests to some allergen like grass, cat and dust mite as well as asthma.

During the conduct of the study, the researchers were able to determine that there was an increased risk of 38% for allergy in the children while 101% or allergic asthma. This was made possible when they compared the 20% of mothers with high sugar intake during pregnancy against the 20% with the lowest sugar intake.

However, the lead researcher said that the result of the study was still not definite since they cannot just say that a high intake of sugar among mothers during pregnancy is the one which causes allergy and allergic asthma in their children. But because of the high intake of sugar at the present times, the researchers will delve more on this study immediately.

Due to that reason, the researchers were planning to replicate the findings in different and another group of mothers and children. If they will be successful on this, they can also devise means to prevent allergy and allergic asthma in children by cutting the intake of sugar by pregnant mothers.

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