Eating Bananas Before Pregnancy Increases Chance Of Conceiving A Boy

By Carie P. | Jul 06, 2017 05:23 PM EDT

There are a lot of tales concerning pregnancy most especially to the gender of the baby that the mother is conceiving. With the latest report, it was said that eating bananas before pregnancy will increase the chance that the mother will conceive a boy.

A new study which was published by The Royal Society claimed that what the mother eats before conception can have an impact and influence on the gender of her baby. With this, it was then claimed that eating several bananas can lead to the birth of a baby boy.

With all the myths surrounding pregnancy, it looks like this one is closer to the truth since a study supported it. The said research looked at more than 700 British women in their first pregnancy and no one among them was aware of the gender of their baby.

With regards to the result of the study, it showed that the gender and sex of the baby had something to do with the pregnancy diet of the expectant mother. According to CNN, it was also found out that there was a link between high potassium intake before conception and the women who had a baby boy. When looking at these mothers, they had a high intake of potassium as well as high nutrition.

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Because of the result of the research, it was believed that the potassium intake and the nutrition of the mother are the main factors in the prediction of the gender of the baby. Apart from bananas and other food high in potassium, it was also discovered that women who ate a lot of cereals before conception may likely to conceive a baby boy.

The study also showed that higher calorie intake before the conception can also increase the possibility of having a baby boy. In like manner, those women who were on restricted diet have the chance to conceive a baby girl. The researchers also realized that their findings seemed to support some old traditions and beliefs regarding the association of gender and diet.

Therefore, this latest study just pointed to a simple strategy o conceiving a baby boy and that is for women to increase the intake of potassium-rich food like bananas prior to conception. This also means that drinking milk before the conception to conceive a girl does not hold up.

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