Death Toll Continues To Rise In Yemen Due To Cholera Outbreak; WHO Cites Challenges In Giving Medical Aids

By Carie P. | Jul 06, 2017 04:15 PM EDT

The Wold Health Organization just released a report that the death toll in Yemen continues to rise because of the cholera outbreak. In its latest report, there have been 275, 987 suspected cases of cholera already and 1,634 deaths as well.

This cholera outbreak in Yemen has been spreading for months already and a lot of its populations were greatly affected. The more alarming in this case was that children under the age of 15 comprise 41% of the cholera cases while 33% of the deaths are accounted for people older than 60.

According to CNN, the World Health Organization already issued statements regarding the early treatment of this illness. The said organization said that if the person gets caught in the morning with cholera, he needs to be treated by the end of the day and not the next day. If the treatment will not be addressed ahead of time, then the case will worsen.

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With this, the WHO then concluded and added that the cholera outbreak in Yemen is so far the worst cholera outbreak in the world. The prime cause which WHO deemed was the reason was that 14.5 million people in Yemen o not have access to sanitation plus clean and potable water.

Reports said that cholera is caused by Vibrio cholera bacteria which can be found in food and after that have been contaminated with feces. In fact, eighty percent of people with cholera don't feel the symptoms but they can already spread the virus. The worst case is those who show symptoms of the illness and have an onset of watery diarrhea because this can lead to death as caused by severe dehydration.

In order to deal with the cholera outbreak in Yemen, the World Health Organization collaborated with the United Nations Children's Fund as well as the local health authorities. The said groups and organizations delivered necessary medication and help to stop the worsening outbreak.

The assistance and aids which were brought to Yemen to combat the cholera outbreak included the establishment of 45 diarrhea treatment centers as well as 236 oral rehydration therapy corners. The Rehydration therapy was of utmost importance since people who are infected with the illness need to rehydrate as soon as possible.

With the cholera outbreak in Yemen and the increasing death toll, the World Health Organization said that the greatest challenge is reaching the people. Moreover, the efforts have been complicated because of the ongoing Yemen' civil war.

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