Apple Might Include Depth Sensor Face Recognition Plus 10-Nanometer Processor On Next iPhone

By Carie P. | Jul 05, 2017 09:25 AM EDT

Latest report claimed that Apple might include in its iPhone device a unique feature which is a facial recognition kind of sensor. So instead of using the finger touch, the next iPhone might probably have this special feature to the point that it may outshine the Touch ID fingerprint.

This reports and rumor first came out in Bloomberg when it claimed that the net iPhone might have a much more than a nice-to-have feature. The report then further claimed that the new device from Apple will feature a depth sensor which can scan the face of the user with superb levels of speed and accuracy.

Apart from the said innovative feature, it was also reported on Engadget that the face recognition for the next iPhone reportedly unlocks the device of the user within just a few hundred milliseconds even if the device is juts laying on the table. Because of this, the user no longer needs to hold the smartphone near her face to be able to use the facial recognition feature.

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It can be recalled that Samsung Galaxy S8 also features a unique sensor in the form of an Iris scanner. In order for this to work, the user needs to hold the phone close to his face. With the reported face recognition in the next iPhone, this will surely catch the attention of Apple users.

The said facial recognition which will be included in the next iPhone can also improve and enhance the security too. This is because the 3D collects more biometric data than the usual Touch ID. Further, this will also reduce the possibility that the scanner will be fooled by another photo.

Despite the efficiency of Touch ID in most smartphones, Apple might be successful in developing the said face reognition in the next iPhone. However, it is still not certain if this feature will soon replace the Touch ID though the company has already run into challenges by putting a fingerprint reader under the screen.

Besides the face recognition in the next iPhone, the latest scoop claimed that there will be a tiny cut-out at the top or its camera, speaker plus it sensors. Moreover, another exciting feature will be the incorporation of s speedier 10-nanometer processor and a chip for AI-related functions.

Those above-mentioned features are not even enough since latest rumor also indicated that the next iPhone will get an OLED version of the ProMotion display technology like what users can see in the iPad Pro. If these rumors are true, it looks like Apple is gearing up for improved software for the next iPhone.

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