China Puts ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ To The Top Of Domestic Box Office

By Carie P. | Jun 27, 2017 01:06 PM EDT

Latest reports confirmed that "Transformers: The Last Knight" was a box office in China as it put the Michael Bay film to $93 million there so far. With this, it looks like the Transformers film franchise is really a hit in the said Asian country just like what happened to "Age of Extinction".

Even if it was claimed that "Transformers: The Last Knight" was written poorly as well as its pacing, this latest Transformers film still made a lot of money most especially in China. It seemed like there were still people out there who were still drawn to these movies even if they have been put through the ringers previously.

According to Deadline, "Transformers: The Last Knight" only gained $69.1 million in its first five days of showing. Though it was still considered at the top of the box office, it did not make much money and was even considered the lowest opening in the series. But China gave hope to this like the Transformers film prior to this.

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It can be recalled that prior to "Transformers: The Last Knight", "Age of Extinction" also became the highest grossing film in China ever. In its opening weekend in the said country, the said movie doubled the domestic gross with $123 million.

In that case, even if the movie is not a hit in the Western part, China has been giving "Transformers: The Last Knight" it's much-needed support and boosts. Through China, there is a possibility that viewers and fans can still see a lot of Transformers movies in the future.

Many reports were claiming that the "Transformers: The Last Knight" earned $40M above for its three-day opening and is now looking to earn $63.9M for its five-day opening. But looking at the figures, this was considered as the lowest opening in the series among all the five films of the franchise.

With regards to its opening in China, it was expected that "Transformers: The Last Knight" will not become a hit but the film just stomped on screens. When the "Age of Extinction" opened last 2014 in the country, it generated $92M and that helped a lot in the market ever since.

Further, "Transformers: The Last Knight" did not only gained much in China but also in Russia, Korea, and some other countries in the South East Asia. That's why even if the movie did not gain much in the Western part, the support it got from the above-mentioned countries was overwhelming.

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