Recent Study Shows Potential Of Edible Insects As Food Industry

By Carie P. | Jun 12, 2017 06:28 PM EDT

Some group of consumers in Adelaide are currently working on a research which is aimed to determine if edible insects will be a good potential for the food industry. The said study is being conducted at the University of Adelaide and the attitudes of the consumers are being put to the test.

In the said study, Australian consumers are being tested at the Adelaide Central Market and the participants will be offered with roasted crickets and ants apart from cricket energy bars and meatworm cookies. The study, according to the University of Adelaide, wants to find out if the consumers prefer to eat those insects which are deemed edible.

Aside for that mentioned above, the researchers also want to determine the taste preferences of the consumers towards the edible insects as well as their interest and willingness to purchase such products. The researchers are working with the School of Agriculture, Food, and Wine together with the School of Humanities at the University of Adelaide.

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According to Science Daily, the participants of the said study are also being tested regarding their reaction to these foods or which is normally known as the neophobia. Some people are so reluctant to eat exotic foods that are why the researchers will also like to check on the relation of the consumers' ethnicity to their acceptance of these edible insects.

It was also uncovered in the said study that 20% of the respondents already tried to eat edible insects while 46% are interested in eating a cookie made from insect flour. Moreover, it was also found out that the consumers like eating flavored insects than spiders or cockroaches.

With regards to how the samples were selected, it was reported that the products were chosen based on how the participants would most likely to react positively. Besides, the samples or the edible insects were chosen based also on their availability in Australia's marketplace.

This study has one important aim and that is to help determine the development of an edible insect industry. In the said country, it was discovered that edible insects also developed to an emerging agricultural industry. This research will also be beneficial in increasing the consumers' interest in eating those edible insects.

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