Foods To Avoid When Struggling With Asthma: Tips To Overcome The Condition Revealed

By Carie P. | Jun 09, 2017 04:30 AM EDT

Asthma poses a threat to one's health as this was also considered life-threatening if left untreated. Most people who have this disease depend on the effectiveness of medicines and drugs but it was just reported that they can actually rely on tips and foods to avoid when having this condition.

With the latest report from Health Guides, asthma can be prevented in a lot of ways and one of these is proper discipline most especially when it comes to what foods to take. Some medical experts came up with the list of foods which should be avoided when suffering from asthma.

The first foods that people who are suffering from asthma must try to avoid are dried fruits. Latest reports confirmed that these dried fruits actually contain preservatives and additives which can be dangerous for people who have asthma.

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Apart from the dried fruits, people suffering from asthma should also caution themselves from drinking wines and beers. It has been found out that these beverages actually contain sulfites which are again detrimental to people suffering from this health problem.

Next on the list of foods that people have asthma should avoid are shrimps most especially frozen shrimps. It was discovered that these also contain sulfites which are dangerous to the one having the condition like the previously mentioned food.

Since pickles contain some kinds of preservatives, experts advised those who have asthma not to consume even a bit of this food. They explained that these pickles also contain sulfites which can trigger the onset of asthma in one person.

Besides pickles, Health Central also claimed that people with asthma should also avoid mashed potatoes as these contain preservative like sodium bisulfite. Same is through with maraschino cherries which should be avoided as they also include preservatives that trigger bronchospasms.

Other foods that should be prevented are eggs garlic, asparagus, lettuce, maple syrup, and soy products as these were found to have sulfites contents. People who struggle with asthma need to be cautious as this illness is not a simple medical problem.

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