China Behaves Like A ‘Bully’ With Its Militarization Of Islands In South China Sea, McCain Claimed

By Carie P. | May 31, 2017 02:19 PM EDT

Republican US Senators John McCain just said that China is starting to behave like a bully with regards to the issue on the South China Sea. This was due to the previous actions of the country by militarizing of islands in the said territory.

Senator John McCain said last Tuesday in his speech in Australia that China is really acting like a bully with its claim for the South China Sea. He also added that the country was affirming that it has the right towards the territory across the globe. This was also evident by China's militarizing artificial islands in the territory.

Moreover, the US senator also claimed that the Chinese started to fill in the islands in the South China Sea. With that alone, it only showed that the country is militarizing artificial islands; thus, a complete violation of the international law. But according to Reuters, representatives from China strongly rejected this claim.

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Because of this latest report, some countries were wondering if this will create and develop tension between China and the United States. This report escalated days before the regional security conference to be held in Singapore wherein the two countries are delegates.

Aside from China, some countries in Asia are also contesting their rights over the South China Sea namely, Philippines, Vietnam, and Taiwan. The said territorial conflict was even brought up before the International Court at The Hague wherein the Philippines has been granted the rights over the said territory.

However, Financial Times reported that despite the presence of the said verdict from the said International Court, China is still firm in its decision that the country holds the rights over the South China Sea. Lately, President Rodrigo Duterte just asked the other countries which are also claiming rights over the said territory for a shared exploration.

It looks like China would not accept that offer; instead, the county is said ti be building artificial islands in the South China Sea. Other countries also were not pleased regarding China's aggressiveness. But with Senator McCain's claims, still, it will be impossible if China will be threatened.

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